“Excellent service would recommend fuel rescue to anyone. They had my car sorted with in a couple of hours. This was a weekend call.” Declan O Shea

“Super super service. Highly recommended. Thanks for saving me.” John Keating

“I thought that it would never happen to me. A friend of mine had put petrol in a diesel car, so I put their phone number in my phone, just in case. They arrived promptly on time, knew exactly what to do. Got me back on the road asap. I thought that the cost was fair considering the specialised nature of the equipment and the time taken. I persuaded the technician walk the Camino de Santiago. Just by way of saying thanks!!!” Raymond McCarthy

“Fantastic service on tuesday Ciaran was amazing , I was so stressed out .. after filling my diesel car with Petrol . The service was fast and efficient. Ciaran was also very kind and helped a very stressful situation resolve. Thank you!” Una

“Thank you so much to Ger today. It’s was his anniversary and he came out. Lovely gentleman and sorted my mistake out so quickly. Would highly recommend. Again thank you very much.” Caroline

“Cannot recommend highly enough. Guys were out to help us within minutes and worked really hard to get us restarted. Nightmare situation, baby to collect from daycare and older kids in the car stranded on roadside. We were back on the road within an hour of making the call.  Super guys, great service.” Mick

“Fuel Rescue were just great. A once in a lifetime mistake putting petrol into my diesal engine car!!!!!……..
Ciaran came to my rescue. He was friendly, courteous and very capable in carrying out the draining process.I parked my car at the fuel station and he came to carry out the fuel rescue there. He helped a damsel in distress!!! If you have the misfortune of making this stupid mistake, Fuel Rescue is the solution and Ciaran will make the process less painful!!! a true superman!!!” Karyn

“Having put petrol in my diesel tank in Kavanagh’s of Urlingford, I first contacted Ger from Carlow. As he was on a call-out, I decided to fill the rest of the tank with diesel and managed to continue my journey to Dublin.
On beginning the return journey, I stopped for food and the car would not start. I called Ger again, who put me onto Ray Kavanagh in Dublin. Though now at the height of rush-hour in Dublin on a Fridayevening, Ray was with me within the hour and had me back on the road promptly.
Both men treated me with the greatest respect and were utterly helpful and professional in their approach. Bualadh bas mór for Fuel Rescue and the service they provide. (Best my insurance company would offer was a tow to a garage where my car would be dealt with in due course, i.e. probably next week!)” Larry

Sorted within 90 minutes of making my call. Very nice chap was with me in 45 mins as promised when I called. And he did not make me feel like an idiot (which I was!).” Stephen Devine

Very efficient service. Only took about 40 mins. Really helpful man who explained exactly what he was going to do very friendly and made it all so easy. Worth the money!!” Breda

Filled a diesel car with petrol this Sunday evening, rang Fuel Rescue & they were with me in 40 minutes as promised, had the tank drained & the fuel pump flushed out in no time. Ray was very efficient, informative & reassuring. Great service & would highly recommend. Although hope I don’t need him again anytime soon! Thanks again!” Eoin O’Reilly

Long story short, called FuelRescue midnight 28 June 2016, Ray answered, so relived he answered knowing petrol in diesel tank is corrosive. Ray came over 8am in the morning and drained the tank on Corolla D4D, very Professional and experienced in doing the work, car started normally, no smoke or hard starting. A great relief from an old dog in driving but a newbie on diesel car, force of habit on filling petrol for two decades, distracted while filling the tank, Ray you made my day, my thanks and appreciation.Jose

“Abso brilliant service…called and spoke to a lovely man who gave great advise and offered to send someone out. Guy was out within an hour and resolved my issues…really thought my car was doomed.Great service would def recommend.” Karen

Thank you so much for helping me today Ger. Ger arrived with 20 mins of my call and completely put me at ease that all would be OK and my car was going to be fine as I was very upset over it. Luckily it was sorted out in a very short time and I avoided a massive garage bill and I was on my way in less than an hour. Lovely friendly man, highly recommend this company.” Yvonne, Carlow

Having recently earned my place in the ‘repeat offenders’ club I feel well placed to recommend Fuel Rescue call-out service. Thanks to Ray and the lads for their prompt and efficient service. Their friendly manner takes the sting out of a bad experience.Louise

I can’t recommend this service highly enough. I put petrol into my diesel car last thursday and luckily it was spotted when I went to pay so I hadn’t turned on the engine. I called Fuel Rescue and Ray was with me within 40 mins, he was pleasant efficient and had me back on the road in no time. He also didn’t make me feel stupid which was an added bonus! Many thanks” Ann Kirwan

I would recommend Fuel Rescue to anybody who puts the wrong fuel in their car. I called them on a Sunday evening, and they were with me within 40 minutes. They emptied a full fuel tank, flushed the system, and had me back on the road within another 45 minutes. They were friendly, professional, and efficient.” Tom Flemming

I filled my tank with petrol instead of diesel and within minutes fuel rescue was on it’s way to me. Took no time at all an the staff were very helpful!” Dave

Thank you for your help! Very friendly service, arrived promptly (quicker by ten minutes than announced), thorough, helpful in every way, explained the process with all the details I wanted to hear. Saved the day (and my engine).” François

My diesel had become air-locked. I called Fuel Rescue, who came out exactly whenn they said they would and had my car running in literally 15 mins. Excellent service. Highly recommended.” Alan

Thank you Brian…… For the ‘rescue’ yesterday afternoon for my wife Joyce who was driving our son’s Audi All-Road. Very good, efficient, speedy & friendly service………..but I hope we never meet again, under the same circumstances! Thanks againKevin & Joyce

Never left a testimonial before. You think you’ll never do this until you do. My Lesson – don’t assume that the black handled pump has diesel in it. Anyway I called Ray and explained my predicament. He knew all about my car and its engine and knew what to do. We made an appointment for the next day. His colleague Brian arrived bang on time – nicest guy you could meet and had me sorted in 40 mins – payed with plastic (tip in cash they deserve it) – very professional.” Dermot

My thanks to Brian & Fuel Rescue. I, like others, had a senior moment & refuelled with petrol in my Honda diesel. With a drive to Belfast in prospect I had got as far as the Ramada Hotel in Bray and after some searching was directed to Fuel Rescue and Brian Glynn who appeared within the promised half hour. A personable and highly professional individual he showed a determination to get me, not just back on the road, but on the road without a need for further callout. He was extremely clean in hi” John Donnelly

It is very seldom that I will add a testimonial to a web site but after the service I received this evening from Ray, I felt this testimonial is completely deserved. After realising that petrol had been put into the car instead of diesel I found fuelrescue on the web. I spoke to Ray who I found to be very professional and helpful and with 40 minutes he was starting to rectify a problem which an hour earlier was a nightmare. Many thanks for your help Ray. An excellent service.” Colm

With a fleet of more than 2500 vehicles we have many misfuelling events each year.We rely on the services of Fuelrescue to provide a cost efficient,safe and very reliable solution.Keep up the good work.” David

Brian rescued me from my mistake earlier today!! Filled the car with petrol and it cut out in the rain yesterday evening. Brian appeared at 12pm today, as he said he would, and was courteous, quick and I was back in the car at 12:30. Fantastic service and I would highly recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation.” Gavin

My in-laws filled a tank of diesel into a new Nissan Micra. I called your driver and he was out in no time and provided a great service. I was very impressed with his professionalism, clean and tidy van and thoroughness. It was worth every cent. He did a fine job and I would recommend this service to anyone in that unfortunate situation.” Tig

A massive thanks to Ray, saved my life last Friday, I wasn’t paying attention as I put €20 of petrol in my diesel, cut out 500 metres later, total panic thinking I’d written off engine, 40 minutes later Ray had is flushed and refueled with diesel and I was back on the road. Can’t speak highly enough of the service” Paul

I had quarter tank of diesel in my brand new E class mercedes I filled with half a tank of petrol and drove two mile then it packed in!. I phoned Fuelrescue very late Saturday night, He immediately put my mind at ease, clearly expalining what he would do to get the car going again. He travelled to Tipperary from Dublin today, Sunday and in 40 mins I was back driving like there was never a problem. EXCELLENT SERVICE from a reliable kind expert. highly reccomended!Thanks so much Ray” Veronica

Put petrol into my diesel jeep.. And drove for a bit.. Rang FuelRescue.ie and they drove from Dublin to Carlow to me that day and had it fixed in no time at all.. Can’t thank them enough…” Colm H

Excellent service. Very professional. The type of service i would hope to avail of only once in a lifetime, but would recommend it again and again!!” Tadhg H

Excellent, professional service. Not the type of service that one would like to say they would use again. However I would certainly recommend Fuelrescue to anybody unfortunate enough to make the same stupid mistake I did (full tank of petrol in diesel car). Done and dusted within the hour.” Tadhg Heenan

Many thanks to Brian, & Fuel Rescue for an efficient ,professional service. I would unreservedly recommend this company as the first choice should one have the misfortune of refilling with the wrong fuel.” James Hyland

Just got rescued by Ray, great service on a bank holiday Sunday. Ray finished at just after midnight. Better value than the others, insured and uses proper equipment. Recommended for your blonde moments!” Aidan

Having wrongly fueled my car in a filling station , I rang a company who spent two hours trying to repair it. When they gave up my friend rang fuelrescue. They arrived in 15 minutes and had me driving away 30 minutes later. Very knowledgeable , helpful and efficient mechanic certainly knew his stuff.” Peter