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Domestic Oil Tank Replacement You Can Rely On

Domestic Oil Tank replacement is an important home maintenance job that requires the right resources and knowledge to do it properly and safely. At Fuel Rescue, we understand the importance of safe and efficient oil tank replacement. This is why we offer a comprehensive Heating Oil Tank Draining and Removal Service.

We will come to your property and safely drain any old or leaking tanks. We have the expertise, knowledge, and necessary resources to ensure that your old tank is removed quickly and safely and that a new, secure tank is installed. Rest assured, you can rely on us for a reliable oil tank replacement service.

Kingspan EcoSafe Range of Oil Storage Tanks

Keeping your home or commercial property safe and secure is our main priority. This is why we offer the Kingspan EcoSafe range of oil storage tanks! Not only do they provide superior performance in terms of security, but they are also equipped with a number of preventive measures to help keep you, your family, and your business safe from harm.

Our services also include oil tank replacement and heating oil tank draining and removal. By choosing us for your tank needs, you ensure the protection of both you and your property from potential hazardous accidents caused by old or faulty tanks.

Why Choose Kingspan EcoSafe Range of Oil Storage Tanks

Heating oil is integral to many homes but storing it has always been challenging. Until now!

 When it comes to heating oil storage tanks, Kingspan has become a trusted name in the industry. Their EcoSafe oil storage tanks are specifically designed and built with efficiency and safety as top priorities.

 Not only are they tailored to each individual’s needs, but they are also made with high-quality materials that are sure to last. With these tanks, your heating oil supply is guaranteed to stay protected all year round. Moreover, you can be confident knowing that both you and the environment are taken care of!

 By investing in a Kingspan EcoSafe tank, you can ensure that your heating system is safe and secure, while also helping reduce environmental impact.

 Not convinced? Read on as we further break down the benefits of investing in a Kingspan EcoSafe oil tank!

Different Capacities Available in the Kingspan EcoSafe Range

Kingspan offers three different capacities for their EcoSafe tanks – 1000 litre, 2000 litre and 2500 litre. All tanks come with a durable double-skinned design that can last many years.

The 2000-litre capacity tank also features an integrated spill containment system that helps prevent accidental spills. The 2500-litre capacity tank is made from corrosion-free materials, making it even more durable than the smaller models.

Special Features of Kingspan EcoSafe Tanks

These widely popular tanks come with a range of special features that make them even more efficient and secure.

For example, the Watchman Alarm Sonic Advanced Oil Level Monitor lets you keep track of your fuel levels at all times, ensuring that you never run out unexpectedly or overfill your tank accidentally. This revolutionary device makes it much easier to track how much oil you have left – no more manual checks and calculations necessary! 

They also feature an integrated leakage detection system which helps minimise risk if there ever were to be a leak or spill. Finally, each tank comes equipped with Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology which ensures safe fuel usage at all times and helps guard against any unauthorised access attempts by third parties.

Financial Implications of Neglecting Your Tank Maintenance

It’s important to remember that neglecting your heating oil tank maintenance can have serious financial and environmental implications. 

Heating oil is one of those things that often goes unnoticed until something catastrophic happens. When a heating oil tank bursts or cracks, the consequences can be disastrous. Not only is there the potential for significant damage to human health, buildings, and their surrounding environment, but financial costs have been known to run into hundreds of thousands of euros.

If a tank is old and weathered, issues such as corrosion can materialise. Furthermore, it may be on the owner to cover these costly repairs, as many insurance companies have been known to refuse payment in these situations. So, it’s wise to conduct regular maintenance checks on your home heating tanks to avoid these kinds of problems occurring in the first place.

Why You Should Invest in A Kingspan EcoSafe Tank from Fuel Rescue

Investing in a Kingspan EcoSafe oil storage tank is one way to ensure that your heating system remains safe and secure for years to come. Moreover, it helps protect against environmental damage due to accidental spills. It will also reduce the risk of fraudulent access attempts by third parties via NFC technology and help keep your insurance premiums down by reducing wear and tear on your existing tank.

With its durable double-skinned design, corrosion-free build, and integrated spill containment system, purchasing a Kingspan EcoSafe oil storage tank should be considered an investment rather than an expense for any homeowner looking for peace of mind when it comes to their home heating system’s security and efficiency going forward!

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