Q. What to do if you have filled with the wrong Fuel

A. Don’t Panic. You’re not the first person to have this happen and help is at hand. Do not attempt to start the vehicle. This will circulate the contaminated fuel. Contact fuelrescue.ie on 01 280 7661 or 086 2551079 for advice or to arrange a callout.

Q. Will putting petrol into my diesel engine harm the car?

A. Yes. The diesel fuel that cars are designed to run on has lubricating qualities. Petrol does not and can do serious damage to pumps, injectors and seals. By removing the contaminated fuel from the system as soon as possible the chance of permanent damage is greatly reduced.

Q. Will my Breakdown or Insurance Company cover this cost?

A. No. Most Breakdown Companies will not cover misfuelling. They may however tow the vehicle to your Garage. Insurance companies should be contacted directly if you have comprehensive cover.

Q. I drove my car a short distance after filling up with the wrong fuel does this means the engine is ruined?

A. The damage done varies from model to model but 95% of vehicles make a full recovery after flushing and refilling is done in a prompt manner. Most serious damage is done by  drivers who try “topping up” and  try to drive the problem away.

Q. I put diesel into my petrol engined car. Can you fix this?

A. Yes we can, in fact we can remove any combination of contaminated fuels from your vehicle.

Q.How long does it take to pump out the wrong fuel from my car?

A. Once we are on site most vehicles can be repaired within one hour. Some can take longer but the customer will be advised of this before commencing any work.

Q. I’m not sure if I have the wrong fuel or not, but the car does not sound quite right. What can I do?

A. We are always available to help our customers and there is no charge for our professional advice. Phone 01 280 7661 at any time day or night.