Don’t Let Misfuelling Ruin Your Irish Journey: 

How Fuel Rescue Can Help Hybrid Vehicle Owners and Renters

Traveling through Ireland, with its picturesque landscapes and historic landmarks, is an experience many desire. Increasingly, environmentally conscious travellers and locals opt for hybrid cars to navigate this beautiful country. While these vehicles offer a host of advantages, they come with their unique challenges, one of the most overlooked being misfuelling.

Indeed, many filling stations across Ireland are rising to the challenge of accommodating hybrid vehicles. They are thoughtfully integrating both Charge Points and Fuel filling pumps. This dual provision ensures that all motorists, whether they’re driving a traditional, fully electric, or hybrid vehicle, can access the appropriate refuelling facilities. However, this convenience can occasionally lead to confusion and potential misfuelling incidents. Such errors can cause significant mechanical issues if not addressed promptly and correctly.

Understanding Misfuelling in Hybrid Cars:

For the uninitiated, misfuelling might seem like a minor hiccup, but it’s a significant concern. It’s the act of mistakenly filling your hybrid car’s tank with the wrong fuel, such as putting diesel in a petrol hybrid vehicle. Especially for tourists, who might be unfamiliar with Ireland’s fuel distinctions or labelling, such errors can be easy to make.

Damages from Misfuelling & The Solution Offered by Fuel Rescue:

Misfuelling isn’t just a mere inconvenience; it has tangible repercussions:

  • Engine Damage: The wrong fuel type can result in extensive engine malfunctions. When petrol is inserted into a diesel engine, it can act as a solvent, reducing lubrication and causing parts of the engine to rub together and wear out. Conversely, if diesel is put into a petrol engine, it can clog up the spark plugs, resulting in a vehicle that simply won’t start. In the worst-case scenario, this could lead to a complete engine replacement, which is a costly and time-consuming process.
  • Fuel System Contamination: A hybrid vehicle’s fuel system is a complex and intricate network. When contaminated with the wrong fuel, the entire system can be severely affected. Diesel, being denser and oilier, can clog the fuel injectors if used in a petrol system, impairing fuel efficiency and performance. In contrast, petrol can damage a diesel fuel pump due to its lack of lubrication. Over time, this contamination can lead to the corrosion of key components, compromised fuel quality, and ultimately, a breakdown of the entire system. It’s an issue that requires immediate attention and professional assistance to rectify.
  • Costly Repairs vs. Fuel Rescue: Traditional repair services might charge exorbitantly for addressing such issues. Misfuelling damages can lead to a complex series of repairs which, when done at a conventional garage, can burn a significant hole in your pocket. These repairs aren’t just costly; they’re also time-consuming, potentially leaving you without a vehicle for an extended period.

This is where Fuel Rescue comes into the picture. Unlike traditional repair services, Fuel Rescue offers a specialised, prompt, and affordable solution for misfuelling mishaps. By focusing solely on the issue of misfuelling, they’ve honed their skills and processes, ensuring a quick resolution. With a team of experienced professionals, top-notch equipment, and a clear understanding of hybrid vehicle systems, Fuel Rescue can get your journey back on track promptly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional repairs. They’re the silver lining to any misfuelling cloud.

  • Warranty Concerns with Misfuelling:: While misfuelling can potentially void your car’s warranty, Misfuelling can also have implications for your vehicle warranty. Many vehicle manufacturers specify in their warranty terms that damage caused by misfuelling is not covered. This means the cost of repairs or part replacements stemming from a misfuelling incident might fall entirely on the vehicle owner or renter, adding financial stress to the already inconvenient situation. Fuel Rescue, however, operates with utmost transparency, ensuring that you are well aware of any potential costs upfront. Their dedicated service is designed to minimise your stress and maximise your savings, providing a solution that respects both your time and budget.

The Tourist’s Misfuelling Dilemma & Fuel Rescue to the Rescue!

Imagine being a tourist, navigating the maze of Irish fuel stations, only to realize you’ve filled up your rental with the wrong fuel. Panic sets in as you think of the potential costs and the valuable vacation time you’d lose.

But with Fuel Rescue, hybrid renters have a lifeline:

  • Navigating Irish Fuel Stations: Armed with information from Fuel Rescue, tourists can confidently fuel up, knowing what to look for and avoid.
  • Rental Concerns: Instead of dreading interactions with rental agencies over potential damage costs, renters can be assured that Fuel Rescue’s expertise will handle the situation with efficiency and professionalism.
  • Vacation Downtime vs. Immediate Help: Forget about wasting hours on car troubles. Fuel Rescue’s 24/7 service ensures that your Irish adventure continues with minimal disruption.

Preventing Misfuelling and When to Call Fuel Rescue:

Prevention is always better than cure. Here’s how hybrid vehicle users can safeguard against misfueling:

  • Proper Fuel Indicators: Always double-check fuel labels on your vehicle before filling up.
  • Awareness at Rental Pick-Up: For renters, make it a point to ask the rental agency about the correct fuel type for the hybrid you’re renting.
  • Digital Assistance: There are numerous apps/tools to guide you on the right fuel type. Having Fuel Rescue’s contact saved ensures you have immediate assistance on standby.

Steps to Take After Misfuelling with Fuel Rescue at Your Service:

Mistakes happen, but it’s all about how you address them:

  • Avoid Starting the Car: If you suspect you’ve used the wrong fuel, don’t start the engine. This can prevent the fuel from circulating and causing more damage.
  • Reach Out Immediately: Don’t hesitate. Call Fuel Rescue right away at 086 2551079. Their experts will provide guidance and swift service, guaranteed.
  • Relay to Rental Agency: If you’re using a rented hybrid vehicle, inform the agency but rest assured with Fuel Rescue’s adept handling of the situation.


Owning or renting a hybrid vehicle in Ireland comes with its share of responsibilities. While these vehicles are a sustainable choice, they demand meticulous attention, especially when fuelling. However, with services like Fuel Rescue, locals and tourists alike can drive confidently, knowing that help is just a call away should misfuelling occur.

Ready for a Safe Journey?

Discover more about how Fuel Rescue ensures the safety and efficiency of hybrid vehicles. With services starting at just €200, they offer peace of mind like no other. Call now at 086 2551079 for immediate assistance or to learn more. Safe travels, and remember, with Fuel Rescue, you’re never alone on the Irish roads!

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